Frequenty Asked Questions

Any questions you have regarding our service should be answered below.

Where do you deliver to?

You can enter your postcode on our website and it will tell you if we deliver in your area and when. If your home address is not included in our delivery area, maybe your work address is. If we deliver to you that’s great! You can shop online and set up your desired box types plus extras to be delivered to you weekly, fortnightly or just occasionally. Plus, remember we also have our vending machine where you can call and purchase our in-season produce! 

Can I have extras without ordering a box?

Yes, as long as you spend the minimum amount of £14.00.

Cost of delivery

Delivery is free for all box types.

Can I pick the produce that goes into my box?

Unfortunately, this is not how our box deliveries work. We put together the seasonal selection each week allowing our customers to enjoy a variety of local produce. From sowing to growing, harvesting and hand packing we need to select the produce to make up the boxes to fit with the ethos of our business and to stay competitive.  We include recipes specifically written for our produce and to help inspire seasonal dishes with the contents of the boxes.

Do I have to get boxes on a regular fortnightly basis?

No, you are in control of your orders and can cancel your delivery at any time providing you give at least 48 hours’ notice before your next delivery and that you are paid up to date. Managing your own orders online allows you to control the frequency of deliveries. Fortnightly or even occasional deliveries are available but please allow 48 hours’ notice on any changes or cancellations to keep our harvesters happy.

Cost of fruit and/or veg deliveries to school/business

We can accommodate any school or business based on your budget. For more information please visit the Office Fruit Box section of the website to view products or call or email us on the contact details provided on the website.

Time of delivery

We cannot give you a specific time for your delivery but you don’t need to be at home when we deliver your box! Just provide us with the delivery instructions in the ‘Payment & Account Details’ of your account and our delivery drivers will leave your box covered in the desired place e.g. the garage.

What do I do with the empty boxes?

Simply leave out your empties in your arranged place and we will collect and re-use them. Please try and keep your empties covered or in a sheltered area to avoid damage from any winter or wet weather conditions.

How is payment collected?

When registering an account you enter your card details.  These are stored by a secure third party Braintree.  You will recieve a reminder email three days prior to any delivery asking you to edit your order if you wish too.  Two days before delivery your card will be charged automatically and your order can no longer be edited.

Problems with my box?

If you have any issues regarding the produce in your box, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to resolve the matter. All questions from our customers are very important to us no matter how big or small!

Can I order a box for a gift for someone else?

Yes, we offer gift boxes & hampers too! If you want it delivered to another address, please do not change the address on your account- simply contact us and we will ensure your gift is delivered to the correct address.

Is there just one site for the vending machine?

Yes, we only have the vending machine based at the top of our lane. At this machine we offer a selection of in season produce and Ready to Cook kits.  The machine accepts contactless card payments, cash including £5 and £10 notes and coin and gives change: 224 Killaughey RoadDonaghdeeBT21 0LJ

How do I reset my password?

When logging in select ‘Forgot my password’ and enter you email address or customer number and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Use this password to login and then select ‘Change your password’ under the ‘Payments & Account Details’ option.

I am unable to log in or reset my password online. Would you be able to do this for me?

If you are having issues resetting your password and the email generated password did not work for you, please contact us by email and we will work with you to reset your password.

I have accidently cancelled my regular orders-how do I fix this?

Don’t panic this can be easily fixed. Select ‘Manage your Orders’ on your account and then ‘Make a regular order’ and select the box type you want. If you have cancelled your order for the current week and it is past the 48hour deadline to order get in contact with us through email or phone and we will add your order to that week’s delivery if it is not too late.

My password reset didn’t work

If you are having issues resetting your password and the email generated password did not work for you, please contact us by email and we will work with you to reset your password.

Will I get enough potatoes?

This will depend on your family size and the cost of potatoes that time of the year. However, you can order from the 'Extras' section allowing you to bulk up on basic items that you would use a lot during the week.

What is the ‘Hungry Gap’?

After our long Northern Irish winter, the crops season will come to an end and the new season crops will not be ready for harvest. This period is traditionally known as ‘The Hungry Gap’, where we start to run out of local produce in the fields before our tasty new season crops are ready in early Summer. ‘The Hungry Gap’ phase usually lasts the month of May. This means that filling the boxes with local produce becomes virtually impossible before the new season produce is ready. During this period, we may have to include imported produce to compliment the local crops available.

How do I cancel my orders altogether as opposed to just the next following weeks?

Simply log on to your Flavour First account.  Follow My Orders, the top section is to manage a regular order, just hit delete on any orders in this section and it will cancel all upcoming orders. Remember- although you may not want a regular order you can still add occasional orders if and when desired by selecting one of the upcoming dates in the section below.

Are you organic?

No we are not organically certified. We market ourselves as fresh, local and seasonal. The crops that we grow ourselves use minimal chemicals and occasionally we do source produce from organic growers and include it in the boxes.

How local is your produce?

In Donaghadee we grow a very extensive range of veg as chemically free as we can, both in our fields and poly tunnels. We also have other local growers around Newtownards and Comber growing other types of veg. The mushrooms and apples follow tradition and come from Armagh. However, during ‘The Hungry Gap’ you may find more imported produce in your box. We grow and source local fruit whenever possible but do have to rely heavily on imports due to our weather. We only supply Free Range Eggs fresh from our farm. Our flock of hens are supplement fed with second grade produce.