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Christmas Hamper £35.00 Our very popular Christmas special, contains a generous selection of Veggies, Fruit & Salad geared towards catering for a Traditional Christmas dinner and should also keep you stocked over the holiday period!
Office Fruit Box £15.00 Make your office a great place to work with fresh oranges, apples and bananas for your staff or clients to snack on. Includes approx 45 pieces of fruit plus you can add extras from our options below based on your office budget
Christmas Gift Hamper £38.00 Gift-wrapped and sent with a card, our festive hamper is a great way to put a smile on the face of someone you care about! It can even be delivered to the recipient's door for an extra festive surprise!
'The Goliath' Gift Hamper £44.95 A true taste of 'Norn Iron', a classic foodie gift set made up of 12 of the finest small batch artisanal producers from the region.
The 'Samson' Gift Hamper £34.95 A tasty selection of 10 goodies from Northern Irelands top quality artisanal producers.
The 'Wee Taster' Gift Hamper £23.95 For those that find food and love go hand in hand.... we've packed our foodie hamper full of tantalising and tasty treats! This is a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves great local food!
Sauerkraut Kit Gift Box £21.00 We are discovering more every day about the importance of healthy gut bacteria. This fermentation kit contains step by step instructions to start exploring the wonderful world of fermentation. The perfect gift for foodie friends and family!
Large Veggie Box £14.00 Living it Large! A colourful array of seasonal produce that will inspire creative cooking, whether it’s big dishes or delicious sides. Indulge in approx. 10-12 varieties. Veggie Lovers are fanatical about this box- A Vegalicious Star Buy!
1 Dozen Free Range Eggs £2.80 Fresh from our Flock
£20 Fruit Hamper £20.00 A perfect gift for someone. Includes gift presentation and card. Can be delivered to recipient's address within our delivery area.
Bake It Yourself Irish Wheaten Bread £3.00 Our Daily Bread - Nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread in the home! And now you can with this unique little kit that includes all the dry ingredients you need, allowing you to bake your own Irish wheaten loaf by simply adding water!
Roasted Peppers & Tomato Ketchup £3.00 Peppup - A great alternative to conventional ketchup, an intense flavour made with a few simple ingredients. In addition to roasted pepper, the only ingredients are tomato, sugar, salt and vinegar.
Pure Rapeseed Oil £5.00 Broighter Gold - Mix with your favourite balsamic to create the perfect dipping oil or salad dressing!
Cranberry & Hazelnut Sodabread Toasts £3.50 The Foods of Athenry - Baked to perfection by the multi award winning Lawless family in Athenry these crackers or as we prefer to call them ... CRAIC'ers, are deliciously crispy and crunchy. The brown bread is twice baked to perfection!
Wheat-free Penne Pasta with Garlic £2.00 Leaves' first range is #PastaMagic, a super pasta that is healthy (high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals), delicious (made using the best traditional Italian processes) and convenient (it cooks “al dente” in just 5 minutes!)
Beech-Wood Smoked Sea Salt £2.00 North Coast Smoke-House - Sprinkle or grind a little over eggs. Also wonderful on potatoes, salads, meats and seafood. Apply to pork skin for crispy smoky crackling
Veggie Box £10.25 Live life on the Veg with seasonal produce and recipes included that will inspire creative cooking, whether it’s big dishes or delicious sides. Indulge in approx. 8-9 varieties. Veggie Lovers are fanatical about this box!
Fruit Box £14.00 Fill your fruit bowl with Grab & Go favourites. For snacks, salads or desserts, there’s an orchard of healthy choice here!
6 Free Range Eggs £1.50 Fresh from our Flock
Maple, Fruit & Nut Granola £4.00 Tamnagh - Officially the best Granola on the island of Ireland! Just add fresh cold milk for a great tasting instant breakfast, or enjoy with fresh fruit, yogurt or ice cream.
Basil Infused Oil £4.00 Broighter Gold - Great for drizzling, marinating, frying, roasting or dipping breads.....this oil is extremely versatile and more importantly extremely tasty!
Cranberry & Pecan Oatmeal Biscuits £2.95 Deli Muru - An oatmeal and pecan biscuit that is simply delicious to munch-on on its own, or otherwise is just crying out for a few chunks of great local cheese
Dalkey Mustard £2.95 Dalkey - Made from a blend of black and yellow mustard seeds, white wine vinegar, honey, spices and sea-salt. It is a totally natural product. There are no flavour enhancers or additives of any kind
Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta Sauce £2.95 Peppup - Try something different in your pasta dishes and a great tasting local product!
Multiseed Spelt Bread Mix £3.00 Cathy's Spelt for Health - We think there's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread at home and now you have the chance to do just that yourself with this award winning multiseed bread mix! All you need to add is milk! And bake!
2kg Conference Pears £3.75 Sweet and juicy
CocoCrazy Korma Spice Mix £2.95 Green Saffron - This Coco Crazy Korma number is the flavoursome Hyderbadi version of the dish, not the better known Northern Indian, Moghlai style, and so uses coconut milk rather than cream and almonds for the sweetness and richness. (Coeliac friendly)
Large Veggie & Fruit Box £17.75 This is your one stop, seasonal veg & fresh fruit box. A mix of handy weekly staples and unique seasonal gems with recipes provided to keep you cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Includes approx. 14-16 Veggie & Fruit varieties. The Biggest & Boldest!
2kg Local Apples £2.20 Enjoy the various varieties as we go through the Local Apple season
Organic Irish Wholemeal Flour £3.50 Dunany - A unique product in that the business is the only organic certified farm in Ireland producing a range of stone ground bread making flours.
Armagh Pure Apple Juice £3.50 Long Meadow - Bursting with 100% natural apple freshness and enjoyed best when cooled in fridge. Alcohol-free, concentrate-free and suitable for vegetarians!
Armagh Bramley Apple Balsamic £6.50 Burren Balsamic's - Drizzle over grilled halloumi, add to a marinade for pork fillet or add generous dollop to a casserole, adding great depth and flavour!
Mesmerizing Madras Spice Mix £2.95 Green Saffron - Combine with your choice of meat, poultry, game or vegetables for a mesmerizingly good Madras! (Coeliac friendly)
Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip Crisps £3.95 Joe's Farm Crisps - Golden and red beetroot, carrots and parsnips are handpicked by Joe on his Killeagh farm, then hand-cooked lovingly by wife Sandra till crisp, with a liberal sprinkling of the finest Irish Atlantic sea salt added when still hot.
Belfast Brew Tea Pyramids £4.50 Suki Tea - Hand-blended in Belfast by the renowned Suki Tea House, this is first and foremost a traditional Irish Breakfast Tea, containing 90% Assam for a malty and full flavoured cup.
Mixed Veggie & Fruit Box £14.00 This is your one stop, Seasonal Veg & Fresh Fruit box. A mix of handy weekly staples and unique seasonal gems with recipes provided to keep you cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Includes approx. 10-12 Veggie & Fruit varieties. Our most popular box!
Small Box of Potatoes £2.00 Locally dug spuds. Handy to add as an extra when you need more during the week! Always a dinner winner!
Armagh Bramley Apple Jelly £3.50 Made with Love - We like to layer this on freshly baked butter crumpets, muffins, pancakes and crepes. Acts as a dreamy glaze for a duck pork belly or as an accompaniment to roast pork or ice cream.
Blackberry & Thyme Balsamic £6.50 Burren Balsamic's - Add a tablespoon to the pan juices after sealing an hunk of pork, lamb or beef and scrap up all that gooey goodness for an amazing sauce or gravy. Drizzle over fresh berries with a dollop of creme fraiche for a healthy pudding
Chilli Inferno Sauce £3.00 Mic's Chilli - Ignite your soul with the fruity taste and fire of 8 fun loving Habanero chillies, from Mic and his award winning chilli team in Kilcoole.
Macroom Oatmeal £3.00 Macroom Oatmeal is a traditional stone-ground Irish oatmeal produced in Macroom, County Cork, Ireland, at Walton's Mill, the last surviving stone mill in Ireland
Veggie & Salad Combi Box £14.00 Seasonal Veggies with Recipes and Super Speedy Salad ingredients to shake up your kitchen. Includes approx. 12-14 varieties. A Vegalicious Star Buy!
10kg potatoes £4.75 Bulk up your stocks economy style regularly from time to time
Strawberry Jam £3.50 Made with Love - We like to layer this on freshly baked butter crumpets, muffins, pancakes and crepes. The perfect accompaniment to any afternoon tea!
Strawberry & Mint Balsamic £6.50 Burren Balsamics - Perfect drizzled on any salad but we loved it spooned delicately over some of our favourite Irish cheeses on smoked oatcakes. Why not add to your favourite chilled Prosecco or Champagne
Salad & Fruit Combi Box £14.00 Grab & Go favourites for your fruit bowl and Super Speedy Salad ingredients. Includes approx. 10-12 healthy types. Keeping life seasonally simplistic!
25kg Potatoes £8.50 Bulk up your stocks economy style regularly from time to time
Extremely Orange Marmalade £3.50 The Bottling Co. - Spread it on your favourite fresh bread for breakfast or eat straight off the spoon - we do! Or, why not give a very original twist to traditional trifles by spreading on the sponge base and soaking in orange liqueur.
Bunch of Carrots £1.80 Freshly harvested local carrots. Full of flavour and Vitamin A!
Raspberry & White Chocolate Jam £3.50 Made with Love - From her small Donaghadee kitchen, Margaret has taken big juicy local raspberries and blended then with a little white chocolate to create a unique and oh so tasty jam.
Carrots & Parsnips Box £3.50 Freshly harvested local Carrots and Parsnips. Roasted or Mashed, always a winner!
2kg Onions £3.00 We use a lot of onions when cooking at home. We thought you might too! Add as an extra when you need more!
Juicing Box £5.00 Get your 5-a-day from a combination of raw veggies & fruit you can juice together in whatever combination you desire.
Peppermint Tea Pyramids £4.95 Suki Tea - Peppermint is used to soothe or treat symptoms such as nausea and indigestion, plus it's Caffeine Free! Peppermint is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. We love it for its freshness and tinglyness.
Green Tea Sencha Pyramids £4.95 Suki Tea - 'Sencha' (translates as 'steamed') is a very traditional technique of keeping the flavour packed in the tea. A light and fresh cup. Sencha is a staple green tea for everyday use and can be brewed up to 4 times.
Tray Free Range Eggs £5.50 Bulk up your stocks economy style regularly from time to time (30 eggs)
Stalk of Sprouts £2.30 Add delicious Brussel sprouts to your cooking, fresh from the stalk.
Fresh Cranberries 200g £2.50 Fresh Cranberries
Small Box Carrots & Parsnips £0.00
Florries Ham Glaze £3.95 The Scullery - A blend of cranberries and spices. Use as a glaze on your ham or it's fantastic in a sandwich with brie!
Christmas in a Jar Chutney £3.75 A local chutney perfect for the Festive season. Delicious in your Christmas Leftovers sandwich
Spiced Winterberry Cordial £4.95 Papas Mineral Co. - Containing 30% pure fruit juice, add to hot red wine for an instant delicious mulled wine
Made With Love Jam Gift Set £13.50 The name says it all...these jams are Made With Love and a perfect gift for that Special Someone in your life
Broighter Gold Oil Gift Set £14.50 Contains 4 Locally Blended & Bottled Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oils • Infused with Rosemary & Garlic • Infused with Lemon • Infused with Chilli • Infused with Basil (150ml)
Mild Chilli, Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta Sauce £2.95 Peppup - Try something different in your pasta dishes and a great tasting local product with a hint of chilli!
Cranberry Oatmeal Biscuits Cracker £3.95 Muru - Sweet, nutty and crunchy, these cranberry & pecan buttery oaties by Belfast’s Deli Muru have it all. Handmade in small batches Kay Armstrong has produced a cheese biscuit of the highest quality, and coming beautifully wrapped for good measure!
Christmas Pudding £10.95 Mangetout - A perfect treat for your guests this Christmas! Allergens; Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Sulphites
Mulled Wine Spices £3.00 The Offbeat Bottling Co. - With a recipe included this is perfect for some Christmas Mulled Wine!
Spiced Whiskey Fruit Cake £14.95 Deli Muru - A beautiful rich Christmas Fruit Cake enclosed in a reusable tin. Allergens: Wheat, eggs, nuts, milk and soya.
Ginger Cordial £4.95 Papas Mineral Co. - Enjoy on its own, warm or cold or with still or sparking water. Alternatively pour over ice with a shot of whiskey, brandy or gin.
Teeka Tropical Spice Mix £2.95 Spice Devils - For a traditional Mauritian Teeka use with any red meat, white meat or root vegetables. Green garden peas, thyme and coriander are normally added at the end of cooking. Serve with rice, bread or a cucumber salad.
Grapes £6.00 Add some gorgeous grapes onto your office fruit order regularly or just for a decide!
Pears £6.00 Juicy pears may just be what your staff are after! Order an Office Fruit Box and add these!
Kiwis £6.00 We hold the kiwi to your staff's heart! Add these as a regular order or a one-off with your Office Fruit Box
Bananas £6.00 Wonderfully sweet, gorgeously fresh bananas your staff will find a-peeling!
Pink Lady Apples £6.00 Pink Lady's for your staff to sink their teeth into!
Clementine's £6.00 Juicy clem's for a sweet and healthy treat to add onto your Office Fruit Box
Irish Belgian Chocolates £4.95 Chez Emily - Located in Dublin, Chez Emily source only the finest ingredients and pure Belgian Chocolate made from sustainable cocoa. No additives or preservatives. All chocolate is gluten and GMO free. Contains Nuts
Irish Butter Fudge Christmas Spice with Orange £4.95 Mellas - Made in County Cork this fudge uses the creamiest West Cork butter to give it that traditional rich, crumbly, buttery taste. Flavoured with Christmas Spice and Orange.
6 Bananas £2.10 Wonderfully sweet, gorgeously fresh bananas you will find a-peeling!
£15 Office Fruit £15.00 Large fruit box for the office